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    What’s the significance of Perkerson Park? For the two of us, the authors of this site, the lovely old park on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia holds a very special significance. It was there, under the park’s protective canopy of trees and along the banks of its gently flowing creek, that in the autumn of 1969 our conversations began—conversations that have continued daily, uninterrupted now for almost a half century.


    Through the years our conversations have covered thousands and thousands of topics ranging from love and romance to politics and war. Sometimes our opinions are liberal, sometimes conservative, but always open for discussion.


    The years have taken us far away from the beauty and tranquility of Perkerson Park. But time to time, through the pages of this site, we throw our blanket on the ground and lean against a towering old oak to continue our talks and life together.


    Prentice & Mary Ann

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