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The Kiss: An Ancient And Timeless Story

This Kiss

There is an ancient story about a young man who called at the home of his beloved. When he knocked upon her door he heard her ask from within, “Who is there?”

“My love, it is I,” he replied.

“You must go,” she said from behind the door. “There is no room inside for two.”

After a time the young man returned and knocked upon her door again. As before, he heard her ask from within, “Who is there?”

This time he replied, “It is thou.” The door opened and he entered inside.

This little story, whenever I would recall it, has always been both a delight and comfort to my heart. It came vividly again into my mind yesterday as I was browsing through prints at an art shop, searching for something to decorate the still bare walls of our new home.

Of the hundreds of prints in the shop, Gustav Klimt’s famous symbolist painting, “The Kiss,” found me. “This Kiss” so well illustrates that ancient and timeless story of love and true marriage, exploding with the dizzying colors, bright joy, excitement, and quiet peace so unique to that moment when two souls find in one another the total complement of their being—that moment when God joins them forever together.

“The Kiss,” for me, is a captivating storyteller whose tale is fresh and new and vitally important at every moment of our lives. It is the story, I thought as I stood there in the art shop, which should be sung from the walls of our home, and a story which should be lived out there every day.

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  • Kay A. December 31, 2010, 10:43 pm

    I love Klimt’s paintings! I love The Kiss and your description of it.

  • Kdoodle February 11, 2011, 8:45 pm

    I’ve got that painting in my bedroom. Now every time I look at it I will think of your great little story!

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